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Unique Events + Experiences

CurateFresno brings you the best boozy brunches, day parties, and other social experiences in Fresno. CurateFresno caters to professionals and socialites who seek opportunities to network, relax, and turnup in fun and elegant environments.


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Brunches + Day Parties

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Conferences + Expos

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The Curator

Monisha Edwards, founder of Truth Branding Agency and CurateFresno, strives to provide both unique events and build awareness around the great things that Fresno has to offer. Monisha has over 10 years of marketing and event planning experience, and brand activations are her first love. Monisha’s 3 keys to a great event are The People, The Branding, and The Experience.


Food and drinks are sourced from local and regional chefs and brands. From local eateries and breweries, to fresh farm to table delectables, CurateFresno is passionate about providing great tasting experiences at every event.

The Venues

What’ a great experience without a great venue? Fresno and the Central Valley as a whole has beautiful venues and hidden gems to host events for any occasion. Whether it’s a formal at the Grand 1401 in Downtown Fresno, a day party at Fulton 55, or conference at Bitwise Industries, CurateFresno is always on a mission to provide the perfect backdrop for all of our events.

THE Experiences

Fresno is known as the best little city in California, but sometimes our “Things To Do” in the city don’t always reflect that. CurateFresno takes pride in providing unique event experiences for city locals to enjoy. Formals, day parties, brunches, and conferences are all carefully curated with the best themes, food, music, and venues.


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